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PS3 Poll Police: did you have firmware 2.40 troubles?

Nick Doerr

The Poll Police want to check on something this week since all squad members at HQ (being we, the bloggers) did not have any issues with the 2.40 firmware update. Was the faulty firmware widespread, or limited to enough people that it was a minor issue, but the internet was set on fire anyway because it's fun to rain on somebody's parade? That's probably a loaded question, so let's reword that in the form of a poll.
Any troubles with firmware 2.40?
I have been trouble-free.
A few minor hiccups, but it's fine.
Yes, I had problems and had to de-update or whatever.
I actually didn't download the update -- too slow or didn't feel like it.
I don't have a PS3 and thus put my vote here.
My opinion is different. I am a rebel. free polls
As noted earlier, none of us had any issues with it and it'll be interesting to see just how many of you intrepid readers have experienced whatever negative issues came with the firmware. What about the results from our last poll? Check 'em out after the 'continue reading' cut below.

We're experiencing the same thing over half of you are -- we've got a tremendous backlog of games we've either started but haven't finished, or haven't even started just waiting for us. This includes games we want to rent, too. Not to mention the PS One and PS2 games we've never quite been able to set aside the time for. But really, the "major blockbuster releases" of the summer may be gone, but there's so much gaming to be had across all the consoles, there's something to fill everybody's time. Thanks for voting!

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