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Massively interview: KingsIsle on Wizard101
We recently had the chance to check up on KingsIsle and talk to them about their three-year conjuration, Wizard101. We sat down with the studio's director, Todd Coleman, to discuss what's in store for the tween-centric wizard school MMO.
First Impressions: Requiem: Bloodymare
We've been talking about this game for months now, and Requiem: Bloodymare is finally available to play. Hailed as the first horror MMO, there are definitely aspects of R:B that are pretty gruesome.
EVE Online Community Spotlight: a Q&A with Chribba
Trust is a rare commodity in EVE Online. Many players are drawn to the game by the fact that almost any form of deceit, betrayal, and outright treachery is allowed in EVE. Not all players head down this path, of course, but plenty do. This element of risk is what makes the game exciting ...
MMOGology: Mobile MMOGs
Several weeks ago at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Steve Jobs announced the 3G iPhone. The announcement wasn't much of a shock to industry experts since other cell phones have been using 3G networks ...
MMO MMOnkey: Why I stopped playing Age of Conan
I like Age of Conan. I like the combat system that demands active engagement rather than the auto-attack, go-make-a-cup-of-coffee style of combat used in so many other MMOs. I enjoy exploring Funcom's recreation of Hyboria ...

Player Consequences: The Need for Speed
Traveling has always been one of the least popular parts of playing a MMO. It doesn't matter if you are marching through the lengthy Connall's Valley in Age of Conan or travelling across the galaxy in EVE Online.
CoX July desktop wallpaper recalls controversial issue
This month's desktop wallpaper for City of Heroes recalls Issue 3, A Council of War. This was one of the most content-packed issues, bringing (among other features) the Striga Isle zone, the Hess Task Force (still a firm favorite) and the Kheldian epic archetypes.
From Tabletop to Desktop: WAR's Order careers
It's been a month since we last took a look at how Warhammer Online's Destruction classes have made the transition from the old-school tabletop game to a full-fledged MMO experience ...
The reasons why you need to play Myst Online: Uru Live
Myst Online: Uru Live seems to be one game that not only continually gets the proverbial shaft, but also knows how to come back from the dead better than the Scourge of the Eastern Plaguelands.
Massively's readers (you) interview EQ2's Senior Producer
About two weeks ago we asked you to pass on some questions we could give to the EverQuest 2 team. Our own team of bloggers and columnists pitched in a few questions as well, and we brought the best of those to ...
Massively interviews Adam Mersky on Turbine's E3 no-show
As you may know, Turbine is becoming quite a force to be reckoned with in the MMO development industry. They began with their own titles (Asheron's Call 1 and 2) and have branched off into two of the biggest brand name IPs out there: Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons.
LotRO guide to Roheryn: Getting the most from the preview server
Lord of the Rings Online has revealed their newest content patch, Book 14, on the preview servers this week. This is very exciting news, as it means we can try out the newest game changes before Book 14 hits the live servers.
Hints keep coming for future content in CoX
It's a month and a half since City of Heroes Issue 12: Midnight Hour went live, and by now the developers will have been hard at work on Issue 13 for some time.
The Digital Continuum: Player abuse, redemption and revolution
Lets go back about ten years or so to the original EverQuest. Now it isn't my intention to pick on any one game, I just happen to be more familiar with it than Ultima Online or Meridian 59. For the sake of immersion let me assume the role of a 1999 copy ...
The Gaming Iconoclast: Is Ignorance Bliss?
It goes by many names -- Rumor. Speculation. Innuendo. Suggestion. Suble hints. Vague allusions. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Slips of the keyboard. Loose lips sinking ships. Detective work. Snooping. Unearthing forbidden knowledge. Call it what you will ...

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