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Motorola's ZN5 gets handled, camera shows promise

Chris Ziegler

The best cameraphone ever made? That's Motorola's boastful claim about the new ZN5, but Crave UK's quick initial impression of it suggests that it might not be a baseless, ridiculous claim after all -- not totally, anyway. The cam apparently fires up lickety-split after popping the lens cover into its open position, and the xenon flash seems to outperform anything with an LED (no surprise there). The lack of 3G is a bummer, but at least you've got WiFi there to upload your crisp, clean photographic work. Crave also sends a shout out to Moto for including a 3.5mm headphone jack, and also for delivering a design that clearly contains absolutely no roots in the RAZR. We'll second that motion -- and if Moto can either deliver this mega-cheaply when it launches in September or pop out a second version with 3G at a slightly loftier price point, we're thinking this could end up being one of the most highly-praised products to come out of Schaumburg in a long, long time.

[Thanks, T.I.]

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