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Rumor: A new Chief'less Halo announced at E3

Dustin Burg

According to a few gaming news sources, Microsoft may still have a few aces up their sleeves heading into next week's E3, meaning that we may actually be treated to some surprise Halo game announcement news after all.

After speaking with their inside insiders, CVG is reporting that they believe Microsoft will in fact announce a new Halo game next week that's said to not be a true Halo 4 seeing that Master Chief is said to not be featured in the game. This Halo E3 rumor mongering comes in the wake of Sarcastic Gamer's recent report, that their inside sources have also confirmed that a new Halo game will be announced at E3. Interesting stuff. Though, if a new Halo game is announced, we have a feeling it may have to do with Jackson's episodic Halo: Chronicles which hasn't received a formal on stage announcement yet. But if a totally new Halo game is announced ... that's cool too

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