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A part of the Marvel MMO lives on ...

Michael Zenke

Despite the cancellation of the Marvel Universe Online project, it appears some part of that virtual world lives on. In an interview with Brian Michael Bendis, the site ComicMix site asked about the connection between comics and games. Likely expecting some off-the-cuff discussion of new titles, we were very pleased to see Mr. Bendis respond with a few details about the now-deceased Cryptic Studios world. Bendis, along with being the much-respected writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, was also an executive producer on the project.

Bendis told the fan site that a piece of the MUO gameworld still exists within his personal laptop. The "X-Mansion" level of the game was completed - and is playable - and as no one will ever be able to see it. As Bendis puts it, "I think that MMO was a phenomenal idea that was extremely well executed and it went away because some guy at Microsoft who we'll never know pulled the plug on it before it even got underway."


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