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EverQuest 2 developer previews upcoming content changes in GU 47

Michael Zenke

The much-anticipated addition of Vivox voice chat isn't the only thing being added to EverQuest II in the upcoming Game Update 47. Developer Ilucide dropped into the forums for a chat with the players, to lay out changes being made to a few Rise of Kunark content areas and a source of much frustration: writs. Judging by player response in the fourm thread, the change to writs will be most welcome. The previous number of writs required to go from 0 to ally faction was 267. The new number is 80. As Kunark faction was already relatively easy to climb through, this is primarily intended to make city faction more palateable. Additional changes may be in the works for these items, as the developers mull ways to make this particular part of the game more meaningful for players.

The content changes center around two dungeons. Karnor's Castle has been tuned to be more receptive to small group play in the 72-76 bracket. Difficulty has been generally lowered, and the mob spawns thinned out, to allow for players to have a better time in that playing mode. Meanwhile Sebilis and Chardok have been made less generally annoying. Lower level magical treasure has been removed from the loot tables, ensuring only loot commensurate with the areas will drop. Placeholders for some named critters have also been removed, meaning that a named monster is either 'up' or not - spawn camping will not be a requirement in these zone any longer.

Sound off EQ2 players! How do these changes sound to you?

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