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EA Mythic putting on a marketing magic show for Warhammer Online?

Michael Zenke

With Warhammer Online still several months from release, EA Mythic has been tight-lipped about some parts of the game's design. Endgame PVE content, for example, is still something we don't know a lot about. As anyone who read through our Massively goes to WAR series knows, though, the company hasn't exactly been draconian about releasing information about the game. Just the same, at least one of the forum administrators at the Warhammer Alliance site feels that the company is doing a terrible job of conveying information to interested players.

Blaming the EA Mythic marketing department and calling their efforts a 'magic act', the administrator goes on to critique the entire methodology the company has used to hype the game. There's been a chorus of voices raised to support the admin's point of view, and nearly as many attempting to shout him down. The WAR Noob site, for example, counter-argues that Mythic is merely being strategic with its information release, attempting to counter just-released and upcoming game titles that might steal some of their thunder.

If you're looking forward to the game, how do you feel about how Warhammer information has been dolled out? Too little or just about right?

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