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Mark Rein: Epic seriously doesn't want to make Wii games


People should probably stop asking them about it. Seriously. We think that's what Mark Rein wants.

But, people still keep doing it, the latest being an interview with When asked about Wii development, Rein busted out his Fragalator 5000 and shot the possibility down into a heaping mess of blood and guts. "That's like asking a sculptor when he's going to start painting," he said. "That's just not our medium. That's not our area of expertise - our area of expertise is the more high-end consoles and things that push technology higher. That's what we do - there's a lot more water in that well for us, when that runs dry then maybe we'd have to think of doing something else but I don't think that well is going to run dry anytime soon."

Oh well, not like Unreal Tournament would be the same with Miis anyway ...

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