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X3F Live invades Battlefield, update on features [Update]

Update: After playing a single online game, EA's servers booted us right out of play and wouldn't allow us to reconnect. We'll reschedule a real event soon.

You may have noticed some of our regular features have been MIA in recent weeks. In order to prepare for E3 and make time (and room) for special features, some of our content has been put on a temporary hiatus. Until the madness that is E3 subsides we're putting a hold on Community Content, Would You Rather and Points>Life -- technically, just Xav. You may see random special editions of our content during the event as special bonuses, but we're just giving you the heads up incase you were wondering where your favorite feature is.

As you may be aware, if you listened to the latest X3F Fancast -- Richard, Dustin and Alexander will be bringing the show on the road with special podcasts as E3 progresses. It's another way we're keeping everyone at home up to date while allowing the home crew to recharge the batteries.

One thing we can't put on hold for now is X3F Live and considering the popularity of Battlefield: Bad Company on our friends list we're going to be game hunting later tonight (again, just Xav). So tonight from 9 to 10 PM EST watch out for Gamertag: Snypz and hopefully we can cause some mayhem together. This isn't an organized event, but Xav is looking for some game time before the craziness takes over!

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