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LotRO Summer Festival guide page 4: Summerdays

Shawn Schuster

So let's begin with the festival for Man: Summerdays. This one takes place just north of Bree, in the Festival Grounds. There really is much to do at this one, as there are all the usual events and much more. Surrounding the grounds themselves is a race track where the Bree Derby takes place. The objective to this is simple enough: run your horse around the track before the time runs out. You'll face several obstacles along the way including walls, shrubbery and water pits. If you've ever done the quest to obtain your mount at level 35, you'll notice that this one is substantially easier. Once you've beaten this derby, you will be rewarded with a token that you can then take to Cam Applewood who is just a bit farther north of the Festival Grounds. If you trade one of these race tokens, along with six summer festival tokens and a Receipt of Purchase from your previous horse, you can obtain either a Harvestmath Horse or a Lithe Festival Horse.

Just south of the Festival Grounds is the Hobnanigan field where you and four of your friends can engage in a bit of chicken chasing. You can either join the Flying Feathers or the Steel Beaks to compete for the title. No, literally. If you win at this event, you will be esteemed with the title of either Chicken Chaser or Flying Feathers Champion.

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