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See how Wario Land Shake's using the Wiimote

Justin McElroy

This is going to be hard for some of you to hear, so we're just going to come right out with it. This new video shows off how the Wiimote is used in upcoming Wario Land Shake and it doesn't look ... well, it doesn't look fun, OK? There, we said it.

Maybe we're putting too much pressure on Wario after his delightful minigame outings, but we really expect Nintendo to be able to come up with something better than "Tilt the Wiimote to tilt the cannon." We should also point out that the above video is completely in Japanese, so there's every chance the announcer could be saying "This isn't at all what you'll be doing" or "We've intentionally made this look not fun so you won't expect the fun when it arrives." ... But we doubt it.

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