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The Daily Grind: Could a survival horror MMO work?

Kyle Horner

Survival horror games like Silent Hill or Fatal Frame are fairly niche single player genres and that certainly has something to do with how they operate: scaring the bonkers out of people. While the big scares are certainly a high point within these games, it's the ever present sense of dread that makes the best of them truly horrifying. Some games like to give players terrible controls to heighten the scare factor, while others use forced camera angles. Yet this isn't the problem with transitioning them into MMO-form. The innate problem with making a horror MMO stems from the logical school of thinking that people probably don't want to be terrified for hours on end. Which is pretty reasonable when you think about it. Still, this isn't to say that a horror genre of some sort couldn't persist as a wonderful niche game like this within the greater MMO market.

The question we pose today dear readers is: Do you think a horror MMO of some sort could work? Also, roughly how would it work? Any tolerable MMO obviously can't be hours of radio noise followed up by wiggling, throbbing, convulsing aberrations popping out at you. Well it could be that, although somehow we doubt such a game would find much success. One possible idea is to borrow from Myst Online with a persistent world that favors puzzle-solving over combat situations. We kind of like that concept.

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