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Confirmed: NG2 'Mission Mode' DLC on July 25th

Dustin Burg

Thanks to some Xbox Live Marketplace advertising, we've already known about the latest Ninja Gaiden 2 downloadable content headed our way this month. Well, today Microsoft officially confirmed its existence and some DLC details announcing a new NG2 Mission Mode pack of DLC.

The Mission Mode DLC will release later this month on July 25th and include 25 various mini-challenges where players are tested to stay alive the longest, kill with certain weapons and other tasks. And, of course, all high scores will be tracked via online leaderboards. The new game mode will not come cheap though, as it's slated to release for an "ouch" inducing 800 Microsoft points. Then again, NG2 fanboys should be used to expensive DLC by now anyway.

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