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DS Daily: Hitting the streets


My aversion to communicating face-to-face with other people means that I've rarely seen the inside of a bricks 'n mortar videogame store since ... well, since I worked in one last year! I also have a keenness to keep as much of my money as possible -- we all know that shopping online can guarantee excellent bargains.

On the other hand, I occasionally miss the days of rooting around in GAME's bargain bin and finding F-Zero X incorrectly priced at £0.99. I used to find some enjoyment in collecting loyalty points, of scooping neat pre-order bonuses that were exclusive to high street stores, and of having new stuff in my hands instantly.

Do any of you fine folk still prefer shopping at your local games emporium? If so, what are the perks for you? Are there perhaps specific products you will only buy at said stores? And a broader question: what do you think high street retailers could do to combat the growing threat from their online rivals?

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