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Initial impressions of EVE Online

James Egan

Cody Bye over at Ten Ton Hammer is a man of his word. He recently announced that he'd be exploring EVE Online and writing about the experience. Well only a few days later, he's posted a follow-up editorial: "EVE Online Impressions - Riding the Unicycle." Sorry but there are no actual unicycles in EVE, it's just his reference to how the game takes some adjusting to before one can really feel comfortable flying in New Eden.

The piece is geared towards players who are already well-versed in more standard MMORPG game mechanics and UI, and explains some of the differences between EVE and most other titles in terms of character creation. Bye also touches on advancement in EVE, and the importance of patience and slow deliberation in planning your career (as well as succeeding in the game). It's a nice, easy introduction to the title, so if EVE Online is a game you've been interested in but haven't quite found the motivation to start a trial, you might want to check out Ten Ton Hammer's recurring editorial on the sci-fi MMO.

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