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Comcast plans 8 new HD stations for Connecticut

Darren Murph

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We're not sure what got into Comcast (though we hear Verizon may know...), but the cable carrier is apparently aiming to boost its HD lineup in the area in a huge way. Reportedly, Comcast is looking to add eight new high-def channels in the Hartford, Plainville, Vernon, Seymour, Waterbury, Old Lyme and Norwich systems, with the first three receiving their newcomers by August 7th (with some filtering in as early as July 22nd) and the rest of 'em getting gifted by August 12th. So, what channels are we talking? SNY HD, Disney HD, ABC Family HD, Science HD, TLC HD, AMC HD, The Movie Channel HD and Showtime Too HD. Huzzah!

[Thanks, Erik]

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