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Square Enix wraps up Concerto Gate's US closed beta

Matt Warner

Concerto Gate is being developed by Ponsibic and Square Enix. The Concerto Gate trailer debuted last month which showed no in-game footage and was somewhat unusual. The game will be a sequel and is a successor to Crossgate, which has had a run of seven years in various regions in East Asia but unfortunately shutdown in Japan late 2007. The embedded video above displays actual combat gameplay from the beta. The battle system is similar to other JRPG attack time battle systems that feature random battles.

An even more interesting concept in Concerto Gate is the 'terra-generating' system. Depending on certain player actions the world landscape will morph and deform. This includes the ramifications from activities like mining and deforestation. If the world is non-instanced and persistent such dynamisms would bring a world uniqueness not experienced in many other MMOs. OnNet USA will be publishing the title in the States, and the beta wraps up tomorrow. Concerto Gate will be free-to-play title and sustain development costs off an alternative business model. The open beta date still has not been announced yet.

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