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Fallen Earth dev update reveals new info on loot drops and more

Matt Warner

The year is 2156, and the Grand Canyon is one of the last inhabitable places on Earth. It's all due to the Shiva plague that wiped out ninety percent of the world's population and left a mutated mess in its wake. There is no corporation or government control as we know today and six factions remain competing in a tug-of-war. All that really matters is that you have enough ammo to blow away your next enemy. That's Fallen Earth, a post apocalyptic MMOG from Icarus Studios, and there are some recent developments that stem from this necro-bump on the alpha milestone announcement but this time it comes packaged with new before and after shots.

The real news comes in the latest round of questions and answers on the official Fallen Earth forums by Lead Developer, Lee Hammock. Seven questions in all are answered. Regarding realistic loot drops depending on equipment and NPC type, in Fallen Earth if you kill an NPC that is wearing advanced armor, Kevlar or titanium components will drop. Most MMOGs eschew realistic looting rules; everyone has killed an NPC decked out in a full suit of blazing bad ass weaponry only to loot moldy cheese from its well dressed corpse. Completed items will drop as well, but components will be the common drop. The other big revelation is that in two months Fallen Earth will be nearing content completion as work on polish is underway.

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