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Teclast M26 gets reviewed -- behold its lameness in video form


Teclast's budget-priced touchscreen-based M26 PMP seemed interesting enough at first, but as more and more details about it trickled out, we quickly got disenchanted by the player. Now, MP4 Nation has confirmed most of our suspicions with a video review of the device. While the reviewer is quick to point out that many of the players problems could be due to its pre-release firmware, it's pretty clear that the player's resistive touchscreen leaves a lot to be desired, with scrolling less than responsive and some tasks requiring numerous taps before the player gets the hint. That's to say nothing of the device's interface lag, the inexplicable button on the front of the player that does nothing but blink annoyingly whenever the touchscreen is in use, or such "features" as a calendar that simply shows you the date. Head on past the break to see for yourself.

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