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Brawl Stage of the Week: Galaxy Arena

Candace Savino

We wanted something pure today, something easy -- a stage that's just meant for brawling. We didn't need any gimmicks, or any crazy architecture and stage design. Our one prerequisite for this week was to find a stage that was fun to fight on, period.

When we came across Galaxy Arena by TwilightRaver, we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for.

Galaxy Arena by TwilightRaver (IGN)

There's not much to say here, as what you see is what you get. One thing worth noting, though, is that the curvature of this stage makes it look and play like a mini arena. We suppose it all depends on your fighting style, but we can't imagine anyone not enjoying this stage. Although it may look simple and basic, this level allows for a lot of high-damage brawling. It's also not difficult to launch opponents to their doom, so you expect a high death count.


1. Download this file
2. Save it to an SD card in the following location:
  • US versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBE\st\st_080625_1717.bin
  • Japanese versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBJ\st\st_080625_1717.bin
  • EU and PAL versions of Brawl: \private\wii\app\RSBP\st\st_080625_1717.bin
3. Put the SD card with the file on it in your Wii and start up Brawl
4. During the stage selection, click "Melee Stages" in the bottom-right corner
5. Then click "Custom Stages" in the bottom-right corner and choose the custom stage you want to play on (this particular stage is called "Galaxy Arena")

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You've just read our Stage of the Week feature, in which we showcase some of our favorite user-created Smash Bros. Brawl stages. If you're interested in seeing previous Stage of the Weeks, just click here and browse through!

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