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Breakfast Topic: Mount money and patch 2.4.3


The most anticipated change coming with patch 2.4.3 for a good portion of the player base is the lowering of the requirement for basic land mounts to level 30, complete with a slash of the price of training down to 35 gold. Overall, this is very good news for anyone who is leveling or plans to level a new character any time soon.

With this change, though, has come a dilemma for many people with characters in the level 30-40+ range in the past few weeks:

  • If my character just hit 30, do I keep on going, or shelve him until I can buy a mount so I don't have to hoof it through Stranglethorn Vale?
  • If my character just hit 40, do I buy the mount now, or do I wait until the patch so I can save a whole pile of gold?

These questions seem to end up being talked about quite a bit whenever 2.4.3 comes up. More 40s than I expected seem to have just purchased a higher priced mount with reckless abandon. I suppose, in a way, it makes some sense. If you already have a level 70, the pre-2.4.3 cost of a land mount (which comes to about 100g before any faction discounts) isn't that hard to overcome -- it's really about a day dedicated to daily quests. So if you have an itch to keep playing that 40, buying the mount is only a bump in the road to anyone who sets aside a day or two a week for daily quests.

For those who only have low level characters, waiting for patch 2.4.3 to buy is probably a bit wiser, since it's not quite as easy to make the full 100g. Then again, on many servers, it's still more than doable with a gathering profession and a bit of wise AH use.

How have you been treating the mount news? Has it stopped you from leveling or buying the riding skill at the lower levels, or have you just been going on as normal?

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