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Nyko introduces Intercooler TS for Xbox 360 and PS3


Hopefully the days of the RRoD are behind us ... but just in case, Nyko has introduced its new Intercooler TS today. Unlike the old Intercooler, this new model has its own AC adapter and has a temperature sensor which activates when there's rapid change, rather than just being perpetually on and using the Xbox 360's power port. It retails for $25, and the original Intercooler will still be available for $20.

Nyko tells us that the Intercooler is still its top selling product -- well, technically it said it's the top selling third party product -- for the Xbox 360. Nyko has also released the Intercooler for PS3, but we're not exactly aware of overheating PS3s. The Wii version has been discontinued.

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