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Rhythm Heaven (aka Rhythm Tengoku Gold) announced for North America


While apparently not worthy of mention among juggernauts like Cooking Nanny Navi and Chinatown Wars during Nintendo's E3 2008 keynote, Rhythm Heaven was quietly announced on Nintendo's E3 press site today. Rhythm Heaven is, of course, the localized version of Rhythm Tengoku Gold, itself a sequel to one of Nintendo's last and greatest efforts on GBA, which was sadly never released outside of Japan. Today's confirmation (need not import!) included a fact sheet with these few tidbits:
  • Players hold the Nintendo DS system sideways like a book and tap their stylus on the touch screen to the rhythm of the music. Players tap, slide or flick the stylus to hit the right beat.
  • Rhythm Heaven features catchy tunes, charming characters and a wide variety of rhythm games.
  • Well-known Japanese music producer TSUNKU? (pretentious, ain't he?) helped direct Rhythm Heaven and composed the music for it.
Rhythm Heaven's release date is currently TBA.

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