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Guildwatch: "Darkwind not anymore exist"

Mike Schramm

We'll be straight with you, Guildwatch readers. Your intrepid blogger has been at E3 all day, writing like mad, and not only that, but is now surviving on his third day of sleep deprivation. So this week's Guildwatch is a little shorter than usual -- we still stayed up to get it out, and there's still the drama, downed, and recruiting news that you'd expect, but we realize that there may not be as much of it.

Worry not, though -- next week, after your intrepid blogger has returned home and refilled his sleep meter, we'll have an extra long edition of Guildwatch, and all of the tips sent in (to, if you want to send us one) that we didn't get to will be published. Thanks for putting up with us, enjoy this week's GW right after the break.


  • Valera Victrix on Thorium Brotherhood Horde went through a split -- two of the leaders, Eolra and Haruspex decided that they would do better in their own guild, so they split off to form Sun Tzu. The problem? They brought some stuff from the guild bank along with them, and then ditched their new guild to run off to another server (rumored to be Icecrown).
  • Darkwind, a French and English-speaking guild on Lothar-A, apparently had a mishap of some kind. We're not sure what happened, and we sure hope they are able to bounce back, but that goodbye message is kind of funny.
  • Crimson Flight is one of the top guilds on Cenarius, but we hear they're now "teetering on collapse." The thread is a little TLDR, so we'll summarize: guildies bring in their friends' undergeared alts, put them ahead of others in the guild who've been around and waiting for gear, and leave other guildies unhappy. We doubt CF is on as dire straits as our tipster says, but leadership that shows favoritism is never good.
  • Wrest wasn't actually expecting a response from the GM of Recount on Shandris when he asked about their drama, but he got the whole story. And then he, like you, got to watch some drama of his own when former guildies appeared to pick a fight.
  • The Spreading Taint, WoW's largest GLBT (and friends) guild, is still moving forward quite a bit on the raiding front, with four active 25-man raids. Their "softcore" raid is farming Gruul and Mag's regularly, while the two T5 raids have killed Solarian, Void Reaver, Lurker, Hydross, Morogrim, and Karathress. And their "hardcore" raid has Hyjal on farm and is 8/9 in BT. Work begins on Illidan this week! They're also doing some light recruiting -- check their site to apply.
  • Team Hippo on EU Ghostlands-H is rolling into Hyjal -- Rage, Anetheron, and Kaz'rogal have all dropped, after Kael finally went down for good.
  • Absolution on Suramar-A formed about two months ago from the top raiders from the server's mid-level guilds. In those two months they have cleared both TK and SSC up to Kael and Vashj. Vashj got down to 60% on first attempt, so she is on notice! Rage has also been two-shot, but they say he's a knockover, so he doesn't count.
  • The newly formed raid alliance on EU Norgannon between Horde guilds Der Harte Kern and Divide Et Impera set out on their first ever 25-man to visit High King Maulgar. They dropped him and Gruul on the first try, and then tried Mag to do the same. DeI also finished off Akil'zon for a guild first last week, too.
  • Falstad's Garde is a Dwarf-only guild on on EU Forscherliga and they have recently killed Magtheridon. And a few weeks ago, they downed Gruul and his pals -- since they're Dwarves, they also had to do it without Mages, Warlocks, Druids or Shaman. Very nice.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles came back from a two-week break from raiding to trounce Anetheron. Kaz is next, but Vashj is the boss on notice -- you guys shouldn't be even be in Hyjal without taking out the fish lady!
  • Anaticula Comminosa on Alexstrasza had a first all-guild Karazhan clear (except the dragons), including one-shotting Prince even after an exploring member got in aggro range by accident. With a little more coordination they hope to drop the Dragons and put the place on farm.
  • Phoenix Fury on Black Hand has downed illidan in just two weeks of raiding attempts on him. They're also recruiting a Holy Paladin and a Shadow Priest.
  • Reborn of Frostmane dropped Azgalor last week. Grats!
  • Beyond Thundergnome on Khadgar rocked Karazhan as they started out in there: Attumen The Huntsman, Moroes and Maiden of Virtue all feel to the power of their steel. Nice job, guys.
  • Kaizen on Hydraxis-A finished off Solarian died this week.
  • Epilogue on Malfurion-H has only been around for a few months, but they're already 3/4 in TK and 5/6 in SSC. Rage and Anetheron are downed in Hyjal, and Kaz is on notice for next time. Holy Paladins and Warlocks need, check the site for more info.
  • Morbid on Mok'Nathal-H walked into Black Tempal for the first time last week and killed Naj'entus. Supremus and Akama met similar fates -- Bloodboil is on notice for next time.
  • Novus Ordo on Blackwater Raiders downed Leotheris the Blind, making them 4/5 in SSC. Zul'jin also fell to their might.
  • Clarity of EU Darkspear in the past two weeks downed three progression bosses. Al'ar, Leo and Karathress all three dropped. "If possible," they say, "we'd like to stick Morogrim on notice." Request granted!
  • Bad Company on Steamwheedle Cartel is looking for a few....bad toons? They're not in it for the loot -- they're looking to have fun with encounters. They are leveling up, but only when its fun to do. Please come with a sense of humor, an interest in conversation, 18 years or older, level 70 and ready for Karazhan, and an easygoing attitude towards loot. They need Healers and Warlocks but will take anyone who's right for the guild.
  • Avenging Sorrow on Blackhand is actively recruiting Resto Druids and Holy Priests to fill out their healing team for raiding.
  • Nuclear Launch Detected Is an adult progression guild, is now looking for a special few mature, open-minded, and skillfull players to join in their raid. Be ready for "adult bathroom humor", and they'd prefer a healer or DPS, but they sound pretty easy going about it.
Until next week, happy raiding!

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