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Nintendo: no fridge updates planned


That "storage problem" bingo space is going to be pristine forever -- no marking shall touch it. Even if the bingo card extended out of the keynote and across E3 (unless they make a surprise announcement later or something). Nintendo senior director of corporate communications, Charlie Scibetta, told a combined Fanboy/Joystiq Interview Squad that the company isn't planning to fix the VC/WiiWare/DLC storage issue anytime soon. Scibetta repeated the unchanged company position:

"We hear gamers loud and clear on that. What's great about the songs and the games that you can download is that the system remembers that you did that. So if you need to clear off space off your SD card, you can. It's not like once you delete them you've lost them forever and you have to pay for them again. It's just a matter of managing the space you do have and keeping the stuff on there that you play the most while clearing up when you want to bring new stuff on."

This puts Sega, who planned to "cross that bridge when they come to it" with the Samba de Amigo DLC, directly in front of a bridge.

Keep an eye on Wii Fanboy for more of our interview with Mr. Scibetta.

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