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Around Azeroth: Around the universe


Because I am a Bad Person, I visited the Caverns of Time long before the Burning Crusade ever came out. In fact, I even brought a friendly warlock and offered to summon guildmates for guided tours. One of our tourists, a well-geared mage, decided it would be a great idea to jump off over the side into the endless void. We didn't hear much from him about the scenery, aside from "OMG SUMMON ME QUICK", but I suspect his character's last sight before death was something like this. (And if you think sneaking into the Caverns is unethical, you do not even want to know what I did with the BC alpha ...)

Sikran from <Renaissance> of Sha'tar-EU got a nice, unimpeded view of the scenery when his game made the unilateral decision to remove the caverns and the characters, leaving only the sky. Was it a glitch, or yet another incidence of your video card on drugs?

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