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Preview EQII's Game Update 47, Storm Break

William Dobson

The EQ2Players community site has a short preview of EverQuest II's next major patch, Game Update 47, the "Storm Break". As we already knew, GU47 is the patch that will finally bring Vivox voice integration to EQII. Here's the list of features that will be available straight away:
  • Create your own password-protected custom channels
  • Automatic channels for Guilds, Raids and Groups
  • Group and Raid windows have speaking indicators
  • Leaders can invite any other players into Guild, Group and Raid channels
  • Moderator controls (kick, ban, mute, etc.)
  • Logitech G15 keyboard integration
  • Ability to individually mute and set volume per user that you can hear
  • Troubleshooting tools to get you chatting instantly
Other new feature coming in this update: a revamp of items for levels 1-59, a change that is sure to make alts and newcomers awfully pleased. A large amount of old-world items will automatically be improved, to be more in line with newer rewards. This includes items that you already own -- there's no need to go around collecting your gear for a second time. It also looks like Guild Housing will soon be in the game, judging by construction near Freeport and Qeynos. Storm Break still holds more surprises, and we're promised a second part to this preview later in the week.

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