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Society system planned in 100th Asheron's Call content update

Matt Warner

Early Asheron's Call adopters are quite accustomed to the epic storylines that unfolded in the world. Some endless sojourns taken through Asheron's Call are still legendary among players. It's a beloved game, and it will celebrate its 10 year anniversary next year. It's great to see the game reach a milestone in content updates, and the 100th content update is due out in the coming weeks. Since early-June, speculation and player expectations on what the update would include has run rampant, and now a factional system has been revealed!

During the Grael story arc AC players were able to choose sides but the depth was superficial, there was no lasting impact on gameplay. With the new society system a depth exists, there is meaning and choices will matter. Players can choose from one of three societies: The Radiant Blood, The Celestial Hand, and The Eldrytch Web. You can speak to a Society recruited in Hebian-to, Cragstone or Zaikhal, and level 180 is required to join a Society. Membership doesn't come easy, players will undertake tasks to further their reputation in their chosen Society. The higher the rank the better the rewards like pulls from Level 8 loot chests and unique armor.

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