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E308: Warhammer Online to feature fully customizable UI

Michael Zenke

We spoke earlier this week with Josh Drescher and Adam Gershowitz about the latest changes to Warhammer Online, and we were enthused to hear that the game will feature a fully customizable user interface. The developers were very forceful about what they did and didn't want to see from this component of the game - something you may have picked up on in our discussion of the Goblin Shaman earlier this year. Here's Adam Gershowitz talking about the game's custom tweaks:

Adam: One thing you didn't see previously is our UI editor. The UI and layout editor we just put this in recently. It's a fully customizable UI and layout editor. It was one of the things we thought was really important to put into the game because one of the things everybody really hates is that mods break down when there is a patch. We're obviously going to support modding, but we want to make sure that even the newest player can come in and simply change their UI without having to get updates from the web.

That's really where our UI concept came from. You can see here you can move things around, scale it however I want, we'll start putting rotation tools in pretty soon.

Are you going to be interacting with the modding community in sort of an official capacity where you might highlight mods that are really worthwhile?

Adam: I don't know what the UI mod team's plans are for sure? I know that's what they're currently doing in Beta and I imagine that relationship is going to continue into release.

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