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Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass simulates the crushing pain of having your demo tape rejected

Chris Ziegler

The Guitar Hero franchise is synonymous with headbangin', mosh pittin' in-your-face rock 'n roll, but the latest joint released for phones is going in a slightly different direction. Rest assured, rock is still an integral component of the game, but Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass takes a step back from the actual performances to simulate the whole rockstar experience from end to end. Buyers can apparently expect "more than 25 hours of gameplay" through a whole RPG-like storyline of promotion, gigging, and getting screwed over by shady managers. Even better, an online component over the web lets players compare stats and achievements, download new content, and set up challenges for in-game money. Groupies aren't included, as far as we can tell -- you'll still need your Ferrari-branded Vertu to help out with that.

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