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What's your first task in Beta?

Amanda Dean

European Beta keys started rolling out beginning at 6AM. I don't know about you but I will be anxiously checking my mail box when I wake up in the morning (that is if I make it to bed at all). My guess is that we will see North American beta keys at about 6 Pacific time (9 Eastern). For you folks staying up all night with us, that's in about 4 hours.

The crew here at WoW Insider is biting their nails in anticipation of bringing the latest breaking news on the expansion. We've discussed why we should be in the beta, now we'll see who wins the lottery. My understanding is that the Beta will be a ramp up, so do not lose hope if you don't get your email right away. There will likely be much time for testing.

If I get into the Beta, the first thing that I'm going to do is start exploring new places. I'm not as interested in the Death Knight class as many others. I'll be looking for things that are very different from what we've experienced so far. I'm hoping there will be some new quest designs, though kill count and collection quests will always be popular. I want to see some of the new areas and check out the new monsters. If I get in I'll be screenshotting everything. I'm really excited that our hands will not be tied by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

What's the first thing you will do when you get into the Beta? If you don't get in, what things in particular are you looking to find out more about? We'll do our best to make sure to investigate for you.

Edit: Nethaera suggests caution in phishing emails. Though she does not clearly state that the email is a fake, she says that Blizzard will not ask for a password. She promises an announcement as soon as Beta invites go out. Malthari of Vashj added the text of his beta BC email, where testers were advised they would have to enter their passwords.

Thanks for the tip, Pivus.

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