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Asheron's Call July event date announced

Matt Warner

There's nothing like waking up, experimenting with a little magic and unleashing a portal that connects to another world all before lunch. You quickly find out your new transit route is to a planet filled with vicious insect-like species that proceed to invade the world and annihilate civilization. Dereth, the world in Asheron's Call has never been the same since, and you can thank Asheron Realaidain for that genius. The adventures continue as Asheron's Call nears a milestone, the 100th content update is due out soon and the July event is scheduled to deploy Wednesday, July 23rd from 7am-2pm EDT.

Big things are expected, details on the society systems emerged several days ago, and other details regarding loot and landscape hunting are also planned. There aren't 10 million people playing Asheron's Call, hell maybe the playerbase is in the mere hundreds. The fact that Turbine honors their commitment by continuing to release new content every month, and expand an ongoing storyline for almost a decade attests to their dedication and stalwartness to the Asheron's Call playerbase. No matter how many people are playing that's an amazing accomplishment.

[Via Warcry]

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