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E308: Wii Fanboy's E3 Endgame Evaluation


In the second year of the newly revamped show, Nintendo released a few much-desired games, as well as a pair of incredible peripherals, and yet, there seemed to be something missing. Much of the show's excitement came from third parties (on my Nintendo Wii?), and some found Nintendo's announcements disappointing. Whatever your reaction, we're sure we can all agree on one thing: there was a ton of news and a flood of media. Luckily, you can revisit it all right here (even the week's most outrageous story, which wasn't even from E3).

We've listed a few of the show's highlights below, but for the full index of all our 2008 E3 coverage, hit the break. We still have a few items rolling in, and we'll be updating the index as that happens. Check back with us over the next few days by clicking the E3 sidebar graphic.

A new Pikmin sprouts!

Animal Crossing: City Folk confirmed
The Conduit will use WiiSpeak

Wii Sports Resort announced (and Wii MotionPlus!)
Mega Man 9 feels more like a 10

Wii Fanboy bats-on with Mario Super Sluggers
Animal Crossing to support keyboards, save fruit-picking time

Wii Fanboy hands-on with Wii Sports Resort


Hands-on Impressions




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