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The good and the bad of EVE Online

James Egan

MMO blogger Ardwulf has been running a series of posts on what he views as the best MMOs on the market, recently covering EverQuest II and now EVE Online. His piece is a basic overview of EVE, but one that looks at the concepts behind the game, rather than how they're executed through game mechanics.To that end, Ardwulf views the title as something that captures the essence of 'space' -- cold, vast, and often hostile. Perhaps even intimidating. He notes that EVE's PvP isn't limited to breaching the hulls of your opponents in space. PvP is alive and well in terms of market warfare and propaganda, two avenues a character may take in their career that might not seem readily apparent.

Still, despite Ardwulf's praise for the unique aspects of the game, he also cites some of the negative aspects of the title: "There are no classes, no levels, no bosses, no avatars, no aggro, no pets, no text dumps telling you where to go next... someone coming in from a few years of WoW and nothing else has every right to be caught flatfooted." So while EVE Online certainly isn't a game for everyone, it does appeal to players seeking something different from the standard fantasy MMO fare which dominates the industry. If you're interested in reading more about the game from the perspective of someone who's acutely aware of the good as well as the bad in EVE Online, check out Ardwulf's piece on what he views as one of 'the best MMOs on the market.'

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