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Mythos is dead but its memory lives on

Matt Warner

The announcement blared last Friday. The Mythos beta would shutdown and placed on hiatus that very night. It didn't leave much time to say goodbye, the suddenness left many unable to attend but Massively was present in your stead.

"Farewell friends, farewell Mythos" echoed throughout the Stonehill Market. Players congregated and crowded the area to praise Mythos and say their goodbyes. "I don't know what game to play next," cried several others. It's the people behind the characters that matter, the emotions are real, honest, and believable. The death of any MMOG is always a disheartening experience but it also brings cause to celebrate and forge a lasting adventure into a lifetime memory.

Several appreciative and ever thankful Mythos developers were of course present. Lead Developer, Travis Baldree spawned a cataclysmic event for the players to partake in that lasted well into the night. Mythos players joked that it took a crashed server to defeat them as they settled in for the fireworks. Mythos CM, Tiggs made her presence felt by continually talking and laughing with the community. As the final seconds approached the world quaked, and before Mythos collapsed offline the lasting words ringed out: "You will be remembered." It was a very fitting tribute and gracious sentiment indeed. It was a good nine months, and we hope to see Mythos back again one day.

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