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Are you owed any EQ Veteran Rewards?

William Dobson

With many players returning to EverQuest after SOE's Living Legacy promotion, there are probably a lot of people out there who are owed Veteran Rewards that are sitting unclaimed. A new guide has been posted at the EverQuest Players website which not only explains exactly what the rewards are and how they are earned, but more importantly, goes over all of the reward tiers and their effects. Be careful before you go "/claim"-happy though -- once a particular reward is claimed on one character, no amount of GM bribing can ever allow it to be moved.

The EverQuest Veteran Rewards offer some pretty neat effects, from experience and stat buffs, to a Bristlebane puppet, right up to a summonable robot merchant (if you've been around for 10 years!). Have a look at the guide to see what your loyalty will be rewarded with in the coming years.

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