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E308: Massively goes back to WAR

Michael Zenke

Last week was our chance to check back with the Mythic Entertainment staff, touch base with the makers of Warhammer Online. We managed to walk away with a few new interesting insights into the game, and wanted to make sure you had the chance to check them out below:
E308: Warhammer's designers explain the career/city removal
Careers lead Adam Gershowitz and Associate Producer Josh Drescher were instrumental in making our Massively goes to WAR series a success. Our lengthy discussion with the two Warhammer Online designers resulted in our in-depth analysis of (at that point) every class slated for the game. Last week at E3 our discussion with the two gentlemen turned to the removal of four of those classes, as well as four of the slated endgame capital cities.
E308: 'Open Party' system to encourage grouping in Warhammer Online
Our epic-level talk with Josh Drescher and Adam Gershowitz delved into a number of interesting topics. Warhammer Online is essentially feature complete, they said, and will offer players a level of UI customization we haven't seen in most previous MMOs. They also, interestingly, are working to take care of the looking for group problem with a new tactic: the Open Party.
E308: Exploring an improved Inevitable City in Warhammer Online
Our discussion of Warhammer Online as seen at last week's E3 event continues, with a look at an improved Inevitable City. During our huge Massively goes to WAR feature spread earlier this year, we had the chance to tour the Chaos home base, and came away impressed.

E308: Warhammer Online is pretty much done
We had a chance to chat today with Josh Drescher and Adam Gershowitz, two of the leading lights behind EA Mythic's Warhammer Online. Even just two months after our huge Massively goes to WAR series, there were new elements to view and discuss.
E308: Warhammer Online to feature fully customizable UI
We spoke earlier this week with Josh Drescher and Adam Gershowitz about the latest changes to Warhammer Online, and we were enthused to hear that the game will feature a fully customizable user interface.
E308: Warhammer Online trailer showcases RvR combat
The Warhammer Online folks are keeping sort of a low profile this week, but in honor of E3 they have released a brand new trailer highlighting Realm vs. Realm combat. The video, which is embedded below the cut, shows off the on-foot combat, as well as siege warfare.

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