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Mythic's Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman coming to PAX08

Kyle Horner

If you happen to find yourself up in Seattle Washington on August 29th-31st, then you may want to check out the Penny Arcade Expo. Chances are that if you do, you'll be able to find both Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman roaming around the convention halls yammering on about waaagh! and other juicy bits of information. Warhammer Online has always had a good booth presence at PAX but now we'll all get to experience the one-two punch of a Hickman-Barnett combo. If you ask us, that alone is worth the price of admission for any nearby WAR fan. Did we mention juicy info bits?

With this news, Penny Arcade Expo 2008 is shaping up to be a real treat for anyone interested in MMOs. Mythic Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Cryptic Studios, Flying Lab Software and CCP are all going to be there with games and/or content to show off to attendees. So don't miss it if you can go!

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