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Tilted Mill shows off first Hinterland images


Tilted Mill, following up on its re-release of Children of the Nile, recently announced its new title Hinterland, expected later this summer for PC. The game appears to be a Diablo-esque city-builder set in a fantasy world with the tag line: Loot, Level and Build. The game will have small parties of three or four characters in tactical party-based combat. It appears city town building and combat may be of equal importance in Hinterland. Check out the first couple images of the game in the gallery below.

Chris Beatrice, president of Tilted Mill, which is self-publishing Hinterland, believes that smaller games will allow the company to focus and be more innovative, less afraid of risk and keep quality high. Considering the quality of the company's larger titles like SimCity Societies and Caesar IV, this "back to basics" mentality may be exactly what the studio needs to produce something not forgotten two weeks after release. We're certainly looking forward to seeing what Tilted Mill creates under the financially tighter, yet innovation liberating, constraints of self-publishing.

Gallery: Hinterland | 3 Photos

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