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Megachurches look to take sermons to a higher definition

Darren Murph

High-def integration into churches is nothing new, but it's still far from commonplace. HD installers are now keying in on megachurches throughout the US, which typically have congregations in the thousands and could certainly benefit from HD projections. According to Pat Thompson, senior vice president of engineering operations for broadcast and audio visual systems integrator TV Magic, there are around 10,000 megachurches in America today, with only 1,000 or so equipped with HD cameras, displays, etc. He also noted that some of the larger venues would spend between $500,00 and $4 million in order to completely convert to high-def, which would likely have some churchgoers fanning themselves and passing out in the aisles. Still, there's hardly a more suited place for HD than this, but you should probably tell your pastor to invest in some makeup if your church is planning on doing closeups at 1080p.

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