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Rumor: Vader DLC bringing dark side to Xbox 360 Soul Calibur IV


Never mind that we totally caught Yoda and Vader face to face in a Soul Calibur IV trailer months ago, Namco Bandai's official line has remained: Yoda is in the Xbox 360 version, Darth Vader in the PlayStation 3 one. While some of us assumed both characters could be unlocked in either version (except Ludwig, he pre-ordered both editions just to be safe), Namco Bandai has apparently come up with a better idea. Why not sell Darth Vader as DLC to Xbox 360 owners? (And presumably, why not pimp out Yoda to PS3 players?)

GamersReports has allegedly obtained another "quality exclusive" in three screenshots that depict Vader as a selectable character in the Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur IV. To be fair, the report only suggests that Vader would be offered as an "add-on download" and does not specify whether or not that would be paid content or a fan service freebie. The site adds, "No word on when, or even if ever it will be released." Oh the suspense!

[Thanks, alvin]

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