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Samsung Omnia gets previewed in final form

Chris Ziegler

Arne over at the::unwired has his hands all up on the production version of Samsung's touchtastic Omnia i900, and yeah, it's pretty much official: the Touch Diamond has a solid competitor on its hands. The skinning Sammy's managed to perform here atop Windows Mobile's ancient UI might not be quite on part with the magic that is TouchFLO 3D, but it looks pretty close -- it's still better by leaps and bounds by the default, the transitions are kinda cool, and you're certainly going to want to use it if you're using this phone. Like the GSM version of the Touch Diamond, the Omnia sadly lacks any whiff of North American 3G (for the moment, anyhow), so this video is the closest many otherwise-interested yanks and canucks are going to get.

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