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Verizon harshes on Cablevision for keeping MSG HD close to the chest

Darren Murph

Despite the fact that DirecTV has somehow managed to wrestle MSG HD away from the grasp of Cablevision (the station's owner), most other carriers aren't having as much luck. A recent post by Verizon's Eric Rabe slams Cablevision for its refusal to cooperate with the Cable Act's program access rules in high-definition, noting that it has resorted to going back to the FCC in an attempt to force things forward. Rabe even calls Verizon out, noting that "it's pretty obvious that Cablevision is trying to circumvent the FCC's program access rules by denying Verizon MSG in HD." We don't doubt that there are two sides (one of which is being hidden here) to this story, but in theory, we have to agree that we wish MSG HD was available for more providers. So yeah, go get 'em Verizon -- just don't get too cocky.

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