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DC, Capcom partner to bring Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to the funny pages

Maybe it was sitting back and seeing the competition (Marvel) clean house in the games industry but DC Comics has really jumped onto videogames lately. From Mortal Kombat vs DC to the game based on The Dark Knight we all know is coming, DC is jumping in the gaming pool with both feet. Another example of DC going for a profit swim is the announcement that DC Comics and Capcom plan to bring Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to the comic world.

The agreement with Capcom isn't the only gaming deal DC has struck lately as the comic giant is also working with EA to release a six-part comic prequel based on the upcoming Mirror's Edge and with Microsoft to publish a series based on Gears of War set to arrive in October.

No other details were given about the two Capcom projects but hope that DC's Devil May Cry comic series turns out well, otherwise they could end up filing for bankruptcy like the last team who tried.

[via Joystiq]

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