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DISH to have 150 HD channels this year and 1080p VOD in August

Ben Drawbaugh

Take that DirecTV, you announce 1080p "this year" and 130 HD channels in August and DISH one ups you with an announcement that it'll start offering 1080p VOD in August -- but DirecTV fanboys will take some comfort in the fact that DirecTV's latest bird started broadcasting HD channels today, while Echostar XI won't start for a few more months. Either way, this is good for everyone, but based on both company's track record, we tend to take DISH's word over DirecTV's -- after the whole CES 07 lie. DISH subscribers with MPEG-4 HD DVRs should receive an update in the next two weeks that will allow them access the 1080p VOD movies, such as I Am Legend. The release also goes on about how the quality will be "same as Blu-ray Disc quality," but we'll believe that one when we see it for ourselves.

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