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Lake Wintergrasp to probably last about 45 minutes, testing coming soon

Mike Schramm

Zarhym has broken out some interesting news for big team battleground players -- while Blizzard is generally happy with the way AV is working now, they are looking forward to focusing on tuning Lake Wintergrasp, the new PvP zone in Wrath of the Lich King.

Zar says that tuning of the zone will be forthcoming (so beta players should expect to see it soon), and that they're working right now on a way to balance differences in team populations -- since the zone isn't instanced, team numbers may be very different, and they're planning to possibly relax requirements to get certain vehicles and goals for the team with fewer players on it. They're also tuning the expected time limit it would take to conquer the whole zone -- right now, they expect the whole event to take about 45 minutes, and then have a certain length of time in between (when people would have "incentives for visiting the zone" -- like the special vendors in Halaa) before it starts again.

Like many players, we can't wait to see what they do with Wintergrasp -- Blizzard is promoting it as the culmination of everything they've learned about World PvP and battlegrounds, so it should definitely be one of the most fun parts of the expansion for battleground fans.

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