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LG licenses Dolby Mobile technologies

Chris Ziegler

Even the best music phones aren't typically pegged as audiophile-friendly powerhouses -- and actually, they're still not going to be, but the infusion of a little Dolby tech into LG's lineup might grease things up a bit, anyway. LG has announced that it's the very first manufacturer to license Dolby's suite of audio processing products for the mobile world outside of Japan, a suite that includes surround sound, bass and high-frequency enhancement, volume leveling, graphic equalization by content type, and a magical mono-to-stereo converter -- nothing really revolutionary, but the Dolby name carries a lot of weight, and it'll be good to see phone makers consulting with some legit audio experts to help improve the experience. The first Dolby Mobile products from LG should reach the market in the fourth quarter of this year.

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