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Pachter: DS successor could be introduced this year

Ross Miller

Wedbush Morgan's infamous fortune teller Michael Pachter is at it again, this time predicting that a successor to Nintendo's money-printing DS could arrive as early as this year (via Edge Online). In investor notes, Pachter said, "DS sales are solid worldwide, but are weak in Japan, leading us to expect an introduction of a new device in Japan before the end of the calendar year." Looking at the Japanese hardware sales, the PSP has overtaken the DS almost every week this year with few exceptions.

The logic falls in line with recent comments from Nintendo's Satoru Iwata, who said a Wii successor would come only when the Wii itself begins to slow in sales (read: unlikely for some time). If a new Nintendo portable is to be announced, our best guess would be an announcement at October's Tokyo Game Show. That's assuming Nintendo can swim their way out of that kingdom-sized pool of cash.

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