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WoW player's guide to GW: Questing in an instanced world

Shawn Schuster

Questing in Guild Wars is very similar to that of World of Warcraft, as it entails the 'older style' of following NPC orders. You talk to the NPC with the glowing punctuation over their head (in GW's case, it's a green exclamation mark) and do their bidding. There's not really that much difference here, as the quests contain very similar objectives.

Where the big difference lies is in the environment of the quests. In Guild Wars, when you leave a city, you zone into your very own copy of the outside world. This instanced play was created to alleviate problems of corpse looting and camping, boss queues and other respawn problems that happen in WoW. The trade-off is that once you enter this instance, your friends can't join you and you don't really experience that truly massively multiplayer feel. This is the one reason that Guild Wars is often denied the title of an MMORPG.

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