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Forum post of the day: A monetary slap in the face

Amanda Dean

Every once in a while we do nice things for other players out of the goodness of our hearts. More often we do things in game in exchange for gold or other necessary services. Feevah of Shattered Hand is unhappy that he was given a two silver tip for a portal. He feels that the acronym "WTB" implies that the tip for the service will be at least enough to cover the cost of materials. Thus defining the distinction between a purchase and a gratuity, which is usually given to members of the service sector above the advertised price.

Some suggested that the tip was mistyped in either the wrong coin slot or missing a digit. Others suggested that Feevah should have immediately disbanded his group so that the penny pincher could simply stare at the portal without being able to use it. Perhaps the poster was unaware of the material cost of the spell, or maybe he was just a jerk.

The subject of tipping comes up fairly often in WoW. I may well be the nicest person you'll ever meet. I'm hoping to have positive interactions in the future. Like many other posters in the thread, I try to tip fairly for service and tend more toward the over-generous end of the scale. I tip when I feel it's warranted. The neighbor kid helps me with the groceries, I give him a buck; a couple of guys juggling torches in Orgrimar during the Fire Festivall- a gold a piece. In this case I would be a little irate in the OPs position as there was the implied assumption of proper payment.

Was the OP at fault for not clearly stating the price of the service outright? Or was the purchaser to blame

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